India, Touring

Almost at Hampi !!

Were now almost 800Km in on our tour of India after some serious medical setbacks that would leave the gnarliest butch bushcraft-guru rocking back and forth in a fetal position all night…. no need to go in too much detail (acid-bum-piss).

So what’s happening?

Were finally out of Maharashtra, which by the way is a Lovely place, don’t get me wrong…. although most plants have thorns that easily go through Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyres…. yes… they really did…


This was invisible externally, completely swallowed up by the tyre….

Leaving the dry and gorgeous desertesque state behind us, I must admit, i will miss the beautiful fields of windmills, with their sweet and predictably constant low murmur of a hum. their great to fall asleep under, they drown out the Indian 8bit radio noise that comes in extremely invasive waves throughout the night.

We’ve now entered Karnataka a place of many worlds! also the home to our first CLOUD in INDIA, i have a whole new appreciation for clouds now, offering depressingly short-lived relief in the daily smoldering mid-day India roast-up.


Quick shout-out to all the animals working hard on the roads of Bharat, helping keep the economy up and running!!



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