Camping in comfort

Camping without cramping is a fine balancing game of what do i really want with me.

The truth is, very little! Sure you want a kitchen (Trangia I’m thankful for you so often)! Sure you need sanitary essentials and the means to make a quality cup of coffee wherever you are (Aeropress, how late would we set off without you?)!

Your tent is going to be your home on these trips and a good-nights rest is only underestimated by the most colossal of fools!

So skimping on your home-away-from-home, i recommend getting a 3 man tent for a couple as it makes for a good night sleep and can give you the shelter you need for all the gear you need for cooking etc.

Ultimately it will be a different setup for each tour, you can see our pop-up home in India is quite frail indeed as there is apparently an unrelenting heat in India, which is yet to be a problem as we need every bit of warm clothing to make it through the winter nights, I’m sure this will change over the 6 months we are here to stay.