Getting Kitted Out

The Bike! The best you can afford, i mean realistically you will want to be able to spend more time on it then off it while your awake. I went as all-out as i could let myself and as all-out as was justifiable and not yet nonsensical.

Camping! You can be as hardcore as you want, sleep in a bivvy or in a binliner or just cycle through your nights , as sleep is for the weak. Or do what i recommend, get the biggest, most comfortable and weather-proof tent your money can buy and treat yourself to the best nights sleep you can at the end of a grueling day in the saddle surrounded by fully loaded panniers and an overly massive stuff-sack.

Planning the route as little as possible! If you never get lost you are definitely missing out! You can’t plan for all the random opportunities and how-could-i-have-knowns so have an exit strategy at most