The Road To Hampi!

Our intimate relationship with India was off to a shaky start!
The first ten days featured:

  • First Face-Plant; star: Ellie!
  • Spent a night with a previously unknown family in a village
  • Rode a motorbike with 2 other people on
  • Complimentary tuc-tuc ride
  • Had my portrait sketched, very awkward
  • Wanted to give up and move in with mum (for the first time)
  • Wildcamped twice
  • Unlocked crazy streetfood portions, the secret is bike+tiffinbox
  • Crossed the Western Ghats
  • Given up on western toilets
  • Innumerable selfies with strangers


Learning how to make deals in India, anyone who claims to have never been ripped off in India is either still hungry, or completely unaware of the extent of their inherent privilege.

Examples of relative pricing!

  • Bananas R60/Kg. Paid R30/Kg
  • Oranges R50/hKg. Paid R30/hKg
  • Chai most paid R15/cup. least paid R5/2cups.
  • Accomodation, average 40% price negotiable.

And then delhi-belly and other minor inconveniences hit the fan, in a boundless multicoloured all-encompassing goop of disillusioning splutterĀ resulting in a 6 day stay at a Deccan Plateau equivalent of a very questionable roadside motel-for-the-brave.

All doubts, fears, moods and generally retreating into the inner most sanctums of the selfish and completely self-absorbedĀ ego revealed our least impressive of thoughts to us before finallyĀ resurfacingĀ to a closer-to-healthy-stateĀ and getting out of a soul-destroying shack-up on the side of India’s old cross country National Highway 4.

ALL OF THAT BEHIND US, and were happily pedaling towards the bouldering mecha! The birthplace of Hanuman (MonkeyGod) and the remnantsĀ of the heart of a very great fallen civilization of years past. We will meet our first tortured elephant, chained to a post all day for tourists’ entertainment. Not sure how i feel about that, best focus on pedaling for now!

So its all beautiful and at times tormentingly steep India šŸ™‚


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