This beautiful beast took a lot of willpower to get together!

Only possible with the unfathomably amazing customer service offered by BikeLegend Dave Trainor, who hand-built the frame to suit my every want and made an amazing bike that fits me better then my skeleton does.

Our frame builder friend Dave Trainor had set about building his first 2 touring frames, and they were absolutely beastie bikes for fully loaded touring across very varied terrain. A time window that would have kept any frame builder on their toes regardless of experience and 2 bikes on the opposite ends of the spectrum in sizing.

I could not have imagined a better final product as their unquestionably reliable beasts emerged for their maiden voyage in India, they each fit in its respective 26″x26″x10″ box and surprisingly, we could build them up jetlagged in an extremely foreign country having never done it before (due to me and Ellie’ poor planning and having no time left to do a practice build).

None of this would be possible without the best framebuilder in the north west!