What is all this about really?

Life! In the cycle lane.

There’s nothing fast about it, it features punctures (regardless of what tyres you use) and falls with not much more than a thin layer of poly-foam and some wits protecting your cranium, it’s sustainable, the sights are amazing, it’s undoubtedly the friendliest lane you will ever spend time in! It also features a free lifetime membership to the best geeky club I’ve ever joined; cyclists! Further benefits include; the best excuse to smell worse than a dead mountain lion, washing is for the weak and rich (and its kindofokay), you get to sleep under the stars as often as you can be bothered (or as rarely as your budget allows it) but more than anything, you finally get to be on your own time with nothing but your bike and legs to get you where you please.

At The Start Of Her First Voyage

My Trusty Steed